• Mr. Do Quang Long

    Mr. Do Quang Long

    Culinary expert Long Quang Do is one of the members of the World Association of Chef Escoffier and Commissioner Saigon Professional Chefs .

  • Mrs. Trieu Thi Choi

    Mrs. Trieu Thi Choi

    She has done a lot of professional research and made important contributions in disseminating Vietnam’s elite cuisine around the world through her publications. She has published more than 100 books, some of which are commonly found on bookshelves at home.

  • Mrs. Ho Thi Hoang Anh

    Mrs. Ho Thi Hoang Anh

    Food artisan Anh Thi Hoang Ho contributed to the introduction of Vietnamese cuisine in general and Hue Royal Cuisine in particular, to other countries in the world

  • Mr. Ly Huy Sang

    Mr. Ly Huy Sang

    Mr.Sang Huy Ly, deputy director of Minh Long I Co. Ltd., is the person who initiated the Golden Spoon contest with an expectation that, “Vietnamese dishes will be remembered by foreign diners.”

  • Mr. Tran Thai Bao

    Mr. Tran Thai Bao

    Judge Bao Thai Tran is currently vice chef at Caravelle Hotel. He has more than 15 years of experience at 5-star hotels such as Sofitel, Cendeluxe and Caravelle

  • Mrs. Do Thi Ngoc Diep

    Mrs. Do Thi Ngoc Diep

    She is a visiting professor of the School of Nutrition Science and Physical exercises - Queensland University of Technology, Australia. She has a lot of scientific researches that have value in the field of nutrition, foods…

  • Mr. Chiem Thanh Long

    Mr. Chiem Thanh Long

    He is known among the national wine seekers in Vietnam, and has built "The Vietnamese Wine House" which contains over 30 renowned Vietnamese wines, curated for introduction to international tourists.

  • Mr. Paul Le

    Mr. Paul Le

    Paul Le was born in Vietnam, but grew up and lived in Europe, mainly in France. He is the General Secretary of Escoffier School of Culinary Art - Vietnam branch.

  • Mr. Marco Brueschweiler

    Mr. Marco Brueschweiler

    Chef Marco holds the certificate of Swiss Master Chef and the title of Global Master Chef of the World Chef Association.

  • Mr Robert Danhi

    Mr Robert Danhi

    Mr Robert Danhi is well-known not only as a Southeast Asian food expert but also as author of the book series “Southeast Asian Flavor” which is about a journey through the research and study of cuisine.

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