The way to become a head chef of two 2 Michelin stars restaurants

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Becoming head chef of two restaurants with 2 Michelins stars in Paris and London at the same time, Helene Darroze 48 years old become the best chef in the world now.

Head chef Helene Darroze was born 1967 in Mont-de-Marsan City in Landes province, France. She was nominated as the best female chef in 2015 in the awarding ceremony of the best restaurant in the world recently.

Currently, Helene owns two restaurants with 2 Michelin stars in London and Paris with many other awards. One of them is Legion of Honor- French noble titles. Besides that she is also a person inspired for a character Colette- a female chef with strong character in a popular cartoon movie named “Ratatouille”

Helene Darroze is the model of Colette character in the cartoon movie named “Ratatouille”

Sharing her passion in cooking career with CNN Helene said that cooking seems already is in her blood. She said her parents, grand-parents and great-grandparents were chefs so she feels like she also was born in a kitchen. Besides that Landes- Helene’s hometown- is also as a “crib” of cuisine that raised her passion in cooking career since she was a child.

Helene’s father also own one Michelin star in Villeneuve-de-Marsan town, Landes province. This is the departure point for her to commit that always use best ingredients for her dishes. She told us that “My memory about my childhood was only about food products”

In the 80s in France, people usually think that only lazy students learn to become a chef and good students won’t go for this career. After graduating from a prestigious management school in Bordeaux, Helene wrote a cover letters sent to Head Chef Alain Ducasse, Louis XV restaurant in the De Paris hotel in Monaco.

Scallops cooked with cauliflower, couscous with nuts oil is one of the exquisite cuisine of Helene Darroze .

Alain initially offered Helene a position in the office, but then encouraged her to work in the kitchen. After cooking talent is revealed, Helene's father allowed her to work in the family restaurant since 1995. He persuaded Helene when she doubted herself: "Believe me, you can do it and I see that you can".

(Photo: Esdmagazine)

In 1999, Helene Darroze moved to Paris to open her first own restaurant. Just two years later, the restaurant achieved 2 Michelin star. Helene began to extend her career by working in both restaurant in Paris and London at the same time from 2008 to the present. She agreed to work as a chef for 5 stars Connaught Hotel in London. In 2011, this restaurant also reached 2 Michelin stars.

(Photo: The-connaught)

Talking about her cooking style, Helene said: "I always wanted to tell a story to my diners through delicious dishes and expect that I can address myself through cuisine. Food is sharing the inner man so you can put yourself in it"

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