Watch Alain Passard Cook Two Perfect Lobster Dishes

Thứ tư, 22/11/2017 10:01

It’s been a big year for Alain Passard who was picked as the world’s best chef in the annual publication of Le Chef - a collection of the 100 best chefs in the world.

Passard’s food is based on a strong link between kitchen and farm and in the video below, produced by Mind of a Chef, Passard sets about cooking up Brittany lobster with presenter and mentee Ludo Lefebvre.

It’s great to watch the two chefs together in the kitchen as they cook up one of the world’s most respected ingredients.

The student/master role is evident throughout their interactions but even better, is the fact that Lefebvre seems more than happy to sit back and keep learning - a sure sign of a good chef.


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