Chefs, What Is Your Worst Nightmare In The Kitchen?

Thứ tư, 20/12/2017 17:02

As a chef, what’s the one thing that’s guaranteed to bring you out in a cold sweat, the nightmarish scenario that keeps you awake at night?

Messing up the ordering perhaps, or sending out an undercooked dish to a top food critic?

Jay Racavich

My worst nightmare as a chef is power outages.

Dan Knight

- Ordering food from the supplier and it not turning up.

- Working with staff who don't clear up after themselves.

- Staff who don't listen, aren't punctual, insubordinate and have bad personal hygiene.

- Working with floor staff who don't know what they're doing.

- Trying to work without the proper equipment.

- Never getting paid properly for the work you do.

- Running out of the most popular meals because the staff has eaten the ingredients.

David Mowbray

Any chefs nightmare has to be the boss who:

a) thinks Gordon Ramsay is the world's finest chef.

b) thinks he IS Gordon Ramsay.

Michael Terry

Having chefs in your brigade who don’t have any any passion for what they are doing.

Kerry Heffernan

Fire system suddenly engages and fire sprinklers going off during service.

Rich Rogers

An owner that won't buy quality ingredients and meddles incompetently with the menu.

Karl Troutman

Fire, and the fallout of fire.

Charles Mann

Poisoning customers would be the worst nightmare under any conditions.

Shawn Ramirez

My worst nightmare is a bad recession – I worked through the recession of 2008, etc, and everyone's hard work was all for naught.You just couldn't win.

Keith Wright

Losing water. The restaurant has to shut down.

Christopher Stanton

Rebellious staff that won't follow instructions.

John Smith

People getting sick. A bunch of them.And it being our fault… I’m not sure I would recover from it.


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