45 proud years working in the culinary sector

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“Through the Golden Spoon contest it has been shown that only people with the professional ethnic and awareness can actively create interesting and amazing things and maintain those values for life”

I am a professional teacher who trained specially in the cuisine industry, fashion and cosmetics that serves people in a modern society. With 45 years experiences I understand that what this society needs most and basic competency that an expert needs especially in industries which provide the main for life: the soul of cuisine culture.

Professional judge of the Golden Spoon Contest- Elite teacher Choi Thi Trieu

To have good dishes we need good chefs who have the necessary knowledge and skills to display rustic dishes on party tables in an elegant, charming and luxurious style, to an outstanding level in order meet the requirements of culinary business in developed countries. This also concerns every single Vietnamese person and especially those specialized in working within this industry.

For many years I worked as a judge in important programs as well as game shows, festivals, and national and traditional holidays. These included: Women Day; Vietnamese Women Day; Vietnamese Family Day; Vietnam Revolutionary Press Day; Teacher Day; International Labor Day; and International Children’s Day. I also visited culinary festivals such as Southern Foods festival; various delicacies from other countries; international culinary festivals and contests of Vietnamese ethnic minority good dishes. These events are conducted annually and grow from the local events to national level. I see that these are useful game shows and provide opportunities that help everyone to have a chance to meet and exchange their experiences. They also as learn necessary knowledge for life, concerning issues of life, society and community.

Elite teacher Choi Thi Trieu (left) was judging the 2015 Golden Spoon Contest together with Judge Suong Thi Bui (right)

Besides these game shows there are also other professional contests for professional chefs with much experiences in cooking and food, where they can challenge their skills and upgrade their level in order to raise their competency.

Or there is also the Master Chef Contest which selects the best chef within the TV game show, using simple organization aimed at creating a professional playground atmosphere.

The Golden Spoon Contest has been organized over several years already and it has been proved that this special contest is not typical in Vietnam as it has covered all regions within the country. It is also considered an expensive contest with many immeasurable importance. The contest is financed by just one company from its own budget which is admirable. It should receive support from everyone, various industries as well as local authorities to provide the best conditions for it to maximize its results. Although I used to be a judge for many other contests, both professional and amateur, I appreciate Minh Long I Co. Ltd for their support which made myself and other professionals in the cooking industry, have faith for a bright future of the Vietnamese culinary industry.

The most touching detail to me is that we have a producer who can have great ideas and a sensitive heart at the same time?

The Golden Spoon contest has showed us that only professional ethics and self-consciousness can actively make things become a reality for life.

The thing that satisfied me the most about this Golden Spoon Contest is the way the organizers have promoted and developed materials and equipment used in the industry. This has been a unique experience in Vietnam.

Many generations of chefs in Vietnam before have had the opportunity to be equipped in essential kitchen utensils that increase the value of their work for a party table. That is why Vietnamese cuisine couldn’t be viewed as the same level of cuisines from developed countries. This, despite the fact that Vietnamese food is abundant and diverse and Vietnamese chefs are highly talented.

Together with other judges, Elite teacher Choi Thi Trieu was very interested in the new spices and creations brought by chefs to the Golden Spoon Contest

I think only Minh Long 1 Co. Ltd, and specifically the Ly's Horeca brand has done this. Just looking at the tons of high-grade ceramic kitchenware and utensils being moved to these locations throughout Vietnam, to facilitate the contest, filled me with admiration. It took great human resources with qualified and skilled staff who were assigned to transport it from Minh Long Ceramic Co. Ltd to the BSA center. In addition there were the logistical problems of moving food experts, the Vietnam product ambassador, government officers, staff in charge of various departments such as electricity, water, gas, decoration, art design, movies, IT, services and security. It was really an incredible job.

Every time I attend the contest in my role as judge I feel emotional and happy when I can see the nerves and excitement on the faces of the chefs. They work so hard to show off their talent for everyone to see, admire and honor. There is a huge volume of high-grade ceramic utensils of various sizes on the party tables for contestants to choose, for food presentation and table decorations. I admire the producers and organizers who have created such favorable conditions for the chefs to demonstrate their skills.

Ly's Horeca products have inspired creativity within the chefs to create unique culinary dishes.

Everything happening around the organization of the Golden Spoon Contest has a practical meaning, which serves the common interests of the country's cuisine. From the most essential and practical things serving community interests I am willing to contribute my best efforts to complete the roles and responsibilities in a spirit of objectivity, fairness, impartiality, and respect for the right persons required to achieve their goals and elevate Vietnam cuisine to a higher level.

Finally, I would like to define the importance and true value of the Golden Spoon Contest in creating high-end values of Vietnamese products in the development and integration process.

Golden Spoon

This article has been published in the Golden Spoon & Vietnamese Culinary Essence Guidebook in the first season.

Golden Spoon and Vietnamese culinary guidebook was published to coincide with the contest itself. This guidebook has many rustic and traditional dishes that were collected from various regions in Vietnam. The book also paints a portrait of true chefs and stories that reflect the passion of people who want to promote Vietnamese cuisine to an international level.

This book is available in the Phuong Nam bookstore system and showrooms of Minh Long ceramic 1 Co.Ltd covering the whole country.

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