Will specialty dishes from Binh Duong province be recorded in the book “Golden Spoon contest the Essence of Vietnamese Cuisine"?

Thứ bảy, 06/06/2015 10:06

I wonder if typical and special dishes coming from Binh Duong province will be written in the book “Golden Spoon contest - the Essence of Vietnamese cuisine”? Does the organizing committee encourage dishes from Binh Duong province?

Mr. Sang Huy Ly: The criteria of this book are to select the best dishes throughout the contest and sadly dishes from Binh Duong province were not selected for the book. This is because there weren’t any representative teams from the area in the 2013 contest. In the 2014 contest the teams that competed did not win any of the prizes. I hope in 2015 we will see good dishes from Binh Duong so they can be recorded in the book. We are only able to add them if representative teams cook them well in the contest so that they can be added.

Foods Expert Suong Thi Bui: We know that Binh Duong province has a signature dish of grilled chicken with durian and mangosteen salad, which is very delicious. But we don’t know if restaurants and hotels still serve these dishes. However, in other festivals or competitions Binh Duong’s specialties have won many top prizes.

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