Is there anything special about the ceramic Chef Cup?

Thứ hai, 25/05/2015 04:13

Is there anything special about the ceramic Chef Cup?


Compared against previous cups that Minh Long I has produced this “Chef Cup” is unique in that there are authentic images used for the drawings.

During production process there were difficulties in achieving a flawless product. Shrinkage is a major challenge for manufacturers. An unfired cup will be larger in size than those that are put to the flame. The difference in size ranges from 18 to 20%. In order to ensure the highest quality of porcelain the product must be produced with modern technology and baked at a very high temperature.

But what is most difficult is that when the temperature is high, it is also the time when the shape can deteriorate or collapse. The legs can curve and affect the balance of the cup. This is where it is necessary to have experience in manufacturing porcelain, specifically with a system of chain production and the most modern technology. Minh Long I has all of this, and is thus able to attain limited shrinkage of the product down to 15 to 16 % and has successfully produced the Chef Cup baked at high temperatures of 1365 to 13800 degrees Celsius with the Cup kept well intact. The result is a beautiful and luxurious, pure white vitreous ceramic material and shiny.

Minh Long I chose cobalt blue decorated with 24K gold. Under the fire of more than over 1300 degrees Celsius the cobalt blue turns violet blue and becomes shiny and luminous. These are priceless works, limited production and are only awarded to the most outstanding contestant team of the Golden Spoon contest. It is considered a gift of great value as well as certifies the real talent of cup’s owner, and thus should be seen as an esteemed award for all contestants to strive toward.

Technical specification

· Size: 48 cm x 18 cm

· Weight: 1,5 kg

· Pattern and colors: Cobalt blue after high temperature cooking with a pattern in 24K gold

· Temperature: 1.360 degree C - 1.380 degree C

· Baked with the whole piece without using glue or installed by screws

· Time of production: from three to four months (normally it takes one year to complete)

Extracted from “2015 Golden Spoon Handbook”

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