Promotional activities for the contestants, after the competition

Thứ ba, 09/06/2015 18:09

I have the feeling that after the contest finished all contestants just returned to their home and that was the end of matters. I haven’t seen any other activities for contestants regarding the promotion. I hope this year there will be some.

Mr Sang Huy Ly: There are differences this season compared with previous seasons. We have published the Book “Golden Spoon - Vietnamese Cuisine Essence” (including detailed information about dishes, restaurant and chefs) so readers can access and enjoy dishes at the restaurants. This is the way we connected with chefs and people who love food.

The Organizers have planned to establish a “Golden Spoon Chefs Club” to connect all prize winning chefs. This will provide a team of professional chefs with the passion for cuisine who can promote Vietnamese cuisine as it gradually gains recognition around the globe.

The club will aim to connect with diplomatic corps, embassies, agencies, institutes, departments and unions to work together on VIP hospitality. The Golden Spoon chefs will select menus from the book “Golden Spoon – Vietnamese Cuisine Essence” and prepare them directly. Prize winning chefs in the contest will be also have more opportunities to show their talents in practice.

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