Are there any new elements to the 2015 Golden Spoon Contest?

Thứ bảy, 23/05/2015 14:13

Dear Organizing Committee, How will the 2015 Golden Spoon contest be different from the two previous seasons?

Sang Huy Ly, deputy general director of Minh Long I and deputy chief of the contest answered: The nature of specialty dishes of each region is unique thanks to the different flavors of accompanying spices. All food, be it made of fish or meat will each taste differently. We can say the food and spices make up the identity of our nation. Vietnamese dishes are different with other foods in Asia and Europe. Spices in Vietnamese cuisine are very diverse.

Given the importance of spices in the dish, this year, we put the spice theme into the contest to encourage candidates to analyze in great detail the unique characteristics of the spices. In order to have good dishes, besides cooking methods, spices also contribute importantly to enhancing the flavor of the dish, thereby creating the specific characteristics of each region and the country. For example, Thai food has the spice of chili, Chinese food has the smell of five spice powder and curry is typical of Indian dishes. Vietnamese dishes are rich and diverse because of the spices such as pepper, chili, garlic, ginger, onions, cilantro, coriander, galangal and more.

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