What is interesting about the way Vietnam mix spices together?

Thứ sáu, 15/08/2014 13:14

Dear Mr Long Thanh Chiem (professional judge) Can you help me to understand about mixing/ combining spices in Vietnam?

Professional judge Mr Long Thanh Chiem answered: Vietnamese chefs normally prefer to mix the spices accordingly to their own style. Sometimes this just follows an impulse to be able to create new tastes and thus become their signature. This is especially true of chefs who have the opportunity to work in various regions.

Nowadays thanks to understanding international cuisines many chefs have been inspired to create unique mixing techniques. They use local ingredients like are tropical fruits to make their individual taste. Every time I have attended the Golden Spoon Contest I have been surprised by a new combination of spice, for instance passion fruit sauce or a sauce made of coriander.

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