Vietnamese Spices Thrived On the Land of Pagodas

Thứ sáu, 11/08/2017 11:47

Spices are not only the soul of a dish but also features of culinary culture in every country and nation. To promote own and unique spices is the key core of any advertising strategies for national cuisine.

From this August 2nd ‘2017 to August 5th 2017, in the ASEAN & India International Fair held at the Queen Sirikit National Convention Center (Bangkok, Thailand), some Vietnamese special spices and seasonings displayed at the National Common House attracted attention and interest of international enterprises and visitors. That was the first time that Vietnamese spices had a chance to thrive in front of international audiences.

ASEAN & India International fair 2017 was first time held in Thailand. This was the largest trade promotion program in Thailand, gathering nearly 160 booths from India and 11 other Asian countries. In line with the delegation of Vietnam attending at in this fair, in addition to the integration-standard-qualified products of 10 domestic enterprises in 6 different sectors as food, agricultural products, household goods, The organizer of The Golden Spoon contest (a contest organized by Minh Long I Company) also introduced a part of their collection of Vietnamese spices including Indian curry fruits, mắc-khén or Indian pepper (Zanthoxylum rhetsa), Doi seed or wild Northwest pepper, Chay fruits (Artocarpus tonkinensis), Lolot pepper, Hibicus flowers, fennel seeds, aniseed flowers, cinnamon, cardamom, and shiitake mushrooms.

Those were interesting spices that the Organizer of TGS collected through annual contests from 2013 (topic Tastes of Homeland). The relentless journey has placed its steps all over the country - from plains to mountains, from midlands to islands – to seek and discover good food, to decode exotic odd spices in order to complete the map of Vietnamese spices, and to bring Vietnamese cuisine to the world.

Mrs Vu Kim Hanh - President of the Business Research Centers and Business Support Association, Head of the Vietnamese business delegation at the fair – said, “Thai businessmen were very interested in the collection of The Golden Spoon spices. As a promoter, displaying real Phu Quoc fish sauce with geographic instructions from both Vietnam and EU is the most touching thing so far.”

Besides, during the fair, The Golden Spoon Contest Organizer also displayed their book 1st The Golden Spoon & The Quintessence of Vietnamese Cuisine (version Vietnamese – English). This is a selective collection of 50 great dishes, which were chosen from about participating 1000 dishes through the 1st contest in 2013. Containing hearts and souls of all the crews, chefs, and attendants, the book just simply deliver the quintessence of Vietnamese cuisine.

Some images at the ASEAN & India International fair:

The booth at The Vietnamese Common House. Photo: Xuan Phuc

Trống Đồng (Bronze Drums) tableware and tea set carry The national spirit - from Fine Ceramics Minh Long I. Photo: Xuan Phuc

Some Vietnamese spices and The Golden Spoon & The Quintessence of Vietnamese Cuisine cook book were displayed at the fair. Photo: Xuan Phuc

Visitors took photos of TGS collection of spices. Photo: Xuan Phuc

Clients studied ceramic and fine porcelain products of Minh Long I. Photo: Xuan Phuc

By Thu Pham

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