The Golden Spoon Awards 2018 Is Postponed

Thứ hai, 30/07/2018 16:17

According to the organizer’s official announcement, the Golden Spoon Awards is delayed its comeback for another year.

After four successful editions with encouraging achievements within the chef community, the national cooking competition had ceased its operation since 2017 to re-evaluate and re-assess its influence as well as crafting a more effective media plans for Vietnamese cuisine to present more to the world. In light of such preparation, the organizer aims to make crucial changes to the competition rules book. In the meantime, a longer interval is meant for participating chefs to rebuild their anticipation, sharpen their skills and extend their signature list of healthy and delicious dishes for more challenges ahead.

The Golden Spoon Awards 2018 is not organized. Photo courtesy: GSA

Despite having been delayed, the Golden Spoon Awards still took part in several promotional activities nationwide and abroad such as displaying and introducing local herbs and spices at ASEAN – India Expo and Forum in Bangkok (Thailand) in August, 2017, having its awarded chef showcasing and presenting signature dishes at Ambiente in Frankfurt (Germany), sponsoring other cooking competitions such as Vietnam Culinary Challenge 2017 hosted by Saigon Professional Chef’s Guild and the Future Chef 2017 by Hoa Sen University, etc.

Besides, during this interval, GSA would be able to focus on a more ambitious project namely Vietnamese Food Lovers (see more at here: website and Fanpage This is a forum for foodies and culinary experts who are fond of Vietnamese cuisine. The debut also strengthens the organizer’s attempt to introduce and promote Vietnamese cuisine and culture to local and international friends.

Also, the Awards launched its eponymous professional chef’s club (GSA Chef’s Club) with more than 100 members who used to be 15 finalists of previous editions, culinary experts and prestigious chefs nationwide. Since its inauguration, the Chef’s Club has succeeded hosting professional workshops with multiple topics: Euro-Asia Cuisine, Wine & Dine, etc.

On the way to revamp this reputable competition, the organizer came across both objective and subjective obstacles. Therefore, the Golden Spoon Awards 2018 cannot return at full strength to meet the community’s expectation. Thanks to a longer interval, the GSA organizer commits to broader publicity for the Chef’s Club and participation in more culinary events to promote the national food heritage to the world.

On behalf of the organizer, we look forward to your continued companionship, support and kind understanding in order for us to achieve more with the one-and-only mission: Vietnam to be “Kitchen of the World”.

* The Golden Spoon Awards announce termination of collaboration with media partner INNOVO

As our effort in revamp and rebuild the format of the competition, the organizer signed a collaboration agreement with Innovo Joint Stock Company (Innovo). According to this agreement, Mr Patrick Gaveau, Director of Innovo became the director of the Golden Spoon Awards and held responsible for managing the entire project, compose the rules book, implementing strategic plans for promotions and sponsorship solicitation to fund the project.

Due to new orientation of the project’s goals, the GSA’s organizer has announced its complete cessation of this agreement since February 7th, 2018. From this point onwards, Mr Gaveau’s and Innovo’s involvement and commitments with partners incurred as part of the project implementation shall be expired.

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