The Golden Spoon Contest 2015 and the plan to map Vietnamese spices

Thứ tư, 27/05/2015 15:44

Along with culinary experts, this year, the contest organizers have a plan to draw up a map of spices from around the country.

This year Golden Spoon Contest will focus on spices

Minh Ngoc Ly - General Director of Minh Long I Co., Ltd and Chief organizer of the contest shared his story at the launch of the 2015 Golden Spoon Contest that took place on May 26th. He said "I always wondered, if Vietnam has lots of world-famous delicacies such as Pho, pancakes and more recently what is possibly the world's most delicious bread, why is promoting these dishes to the world still full of obstacles.

During a visit to Hanoi, I met Mr Bobby Chinn, the world famous chef. One day he wanted to cook a Vietnamese dish and he went to a market in London to buy ingredients. He discovered to his consternation that Vietnamese spices simply aren’t available in these countries.

How does one cook a Vietnamese dish if the correct ingredients are not available? He said that this is a huge problem for Vietnam cuisine and one of the reasons why it isn’t spreading around the world.

In Vietnam, sometimes one dish has many different ways to cook depending on which region you are in. The availability of spices means that the exporter also doesn’t know which to export and sell abroad. In some instances they have to import from Thailand or China. Bobby Chinn's story makes me think that if we don’t standardized spices, it will continue to prove difficult to promote Vietnamese food around the world".

By focusing on spices with the theme of "A Journey of Vietnamese Spices” at the 2015 Golden Spoon Contest, contestants also were expected by the judge to use their ability at mastering the use of spices, specific to different regions, in order to honor the features of cuisine of each region.

Using the Golden Spoon Contest, organizers were able to focus on analysing and drawing a map of Vietnamese spices from around the country. In addition, they established "The Golden Spoon Chef Club" in order to connect all the winning chefs from other seasons to make a professional culinary team that can cook dishes selected directly from the book "The Golden Spoon - Vietnamese Cuisine Essence", which continues to promote Vietnamese cuisine

The Golden Spoon Contest this year attracted 180 teams and featured 540 chefs from all provinces and cities nationwide. This promoted good dishes, excellent restaurants and talented chefs. There will be three rounds: Preliminary, semi-final and final taking place at 6 locations.

This year, the competition will focus on five criteria: researching; the conservation and promotion of rustic dishes; the simple and typical cultures of individual regions and locales; Food must be "delicious and fresh". This is the most important standard of a culture covering time which is aimed to live a healthy and balanced life.

Internationalization of Vietnamese dishes through food decoration and presentation in order to promote it as a luxury, high class and perfect cuisine. It is designed to honor our talented chefs, restaurants and hotels that have contributed in enriching culture-based Vietnamese cuisine. To make Vietnamese cuisine be seen as a national cuisine tourism brand, to improve the quality of health and promote economic development. The Golden Spoon Contest is a competition of professional chefs from throughout the country. With the aim of contributing to the research, discovery, preservation, conservation and promotion of quintessentially Vietnamese cuisine, with the message "Each dish promotes a regional culture" and finally to make Vietnamese cuisine reaches out to the world.

It is more important to aim to improve human health and promote the economy through the culinary industry whilst promoting the brand of "Culinary Tourism" in Vietnam. The contest was organized by Minh Long I Co. Ltd and the Center for Business Study and Assistance (BSA) in collaboration with VCCI and the Vietnam General Department of Tourism organization.

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