Sá Sùng – A Special Seafood in Quang Ninh

Thứ ba, 30/01/2018 13:54

Everyone knows that Quang Ninh is famous for its scenery, its people, its culture. But not many people know about a unique food that can only be found there.

Sá sùng

This special seafood is called sá sùng or sái sùng; it is surely another reason why you cannot refuse to come to Quang Ninh.

The land of sá sùng is the sea area near the coastline of Van Hai Island Province, especially Minh Chau or Quan Lan districts. Sá sùng lives on the seashore where the tide goes up and down every day.

When the ebbs come, people have to look for sá sùng really quickly, often by digging the sand. A good digger must be familiar with the job; his experience enables him to perform quick, skillful and spectacular movements as if he is dancing on the shore.

The sá sùng found are then fried with fresh garlic to create a tasty and buttery dish. This fried food is also regarded as Moi Xao, a distinctive and popular food of Ha Long.

Another way to serve sá sùng is to dry them before roasting. When the dish is done, it has a tempting yellow color and great flavor of sea salt. When eating, we dip sá sùng in chili sauce before putting it into our mouth.

Not everyone has the chance to taste this special food, but anyone who has agrees that the combination of fried sá sùng, fresh lettuces and beer is something beyond their imagination.


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