6 Simple Ways to Tenderise Meat

Thứ tư, 26/09/2018 08:54

Cheaper cuts of meat may be big on flavour but can sometimes be too tough to handle.

That doesn't mean they should be overlooked in the kitchen, it just means learning a few techniques on how to tenderise meat before you get cooking.

If you've got a cheaper cut of meat like hangar steak or brisket or some sinewy or try any one of these techniques listed below to turn your meat more manageable and fall apart tender.

1. Slow cook

If you're planning on cooking a cheap cut of meat like brisket, try slow cooking. Cooking for longer periods at low temperatures gives time for the chewy connective tissue to break down turning it into tender fall apart meat. Discover the science behind low-temperature cooking.

2. Marinade

or thinner cuts of meat try marinating them in an acidic marinade. Citrus, vinegar or wine-based marinades help to break down the muscle fibres and yield a more tender piece of meat after cooking.

3. Pounding

If you have a kitchen mallet try pounding the cut of meat between a couple of pieces of plastic before cooking. Check out the video above. If you don't have a mallet, try a saucepan or other heavy equipment.

4. Salting

Try giving your cut of meat a generous coating of salt about an hour before cooking to help break down the protein. Rinse and dry before cooking.

5. Thinly slicing

Slicing thinly against the grain can help shorten the tough muscle fibres and make each mouthful less chewy. Get the lowdown in the video above.

6. Velveting

If you're planning on stir frying try this Chinese cooking technique of coating the meat in an egg white, cornstarch, salt and rice vinegar mixture and briefly dropping into boiling water before adding to your stiry fry. It's the magic that helps locks in the juices into those tricky to cook lean pieces guaranteeing tender juicy chicken pieces every time.


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