Winner of Best Unique Traditional Menu

Thứ ba, 13/12/2016 09:46

We admire the dishes on the menu winning "rustic dishes, unique traditional" teams of 01 - Quan Nhi (O Mon District, Can Tho City).

With core ingredients including lolot peppers, black tiger prawns, bagrid catfish and beef tenderloin provided in the secret black box and creativity in building menus, teams from the Mekong Delta have introduced dishes with a bold love for their motherland.

Table of team No. 1 - Quan Nhi Restaurant (Can Tho).

Coconut bud with tiger prawn wrapped in cucumber, sauce condensed vinegar - Fried prawn cake, shrimp cracker with mashed avocado and corriander flavor.

Grilled Bagridae/Cat fish with pepper sauce, side: steamed sweet potato, grilled eggplant with air spray oil.

Beef cooked in tumeric and fresh lotus seed, side: rice noddle.

Bean stuffed sping roll with strawberry sauce, side: fried sandwich in orange flavor.

By The Golden Spoon Awards

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