Cha Ca La Vong Ranked On the World’s Top Must-Visit Food Destination

Thứ tư, 29/11/2017 11:33

Bloomberg recently posted a bucket list in which details 12 Restaurants Are Worth Traveling Across the World to Experience. Vietnam is among the destinations mentioned in the article, with its one-of-a-kind Cha Ca La Vong (La Vong fish cake).

In order to generate the list, the two writers had spent time reading and collecting reviews from multiple sources. They were impressed by these culinary temples and eager to tell the world about them.

The outstanding specialty at Cha ca la Vong. Source: TripAdvisor

Located in Hanoi, Vietnam, La Vong Fish Cake is also the name of a long-established restaurant that have been a popular dining place for both the city dwellers and tourists. The fish used in this savoury cake recipe is a freshwater catfish species of Hemibagrus guttatus. The dish leaves the Bloomberg writers such a delicious sensation, “There’s no question about what you’ll eat at this nondescript upstairs restaurant. It will be sizzling catfish, vibrant with the flavor of herbs, spices, and chilis. The dish’s name is that of the restaurant that’s so popular it’s also the name of the street, to which such notable chefs such as James Beard award-winning Chris Shepherd from Houston have come to sample it. It’s a very DIY experience: A burner with a worn skillet is set up at your place at a communal table. To that, add turmeric-marinated fish, sizzling in garlic oil with copious amounts of dill and shrimp paste. It’s for the diner to add the accoutrements that come to the table, including bowls of herbs, marinated hot chills, peanuts, and unadorned rice noodles”.

Photo source: Cha ca Ha Thanh

Besides La Vong Fish Cake, the list also features following restaurants: Maaemo, Oslo (Norway); Steirereck, Vienna (Austria); Elkano, Getaria (Spain); Mirazur, Menton (France); SingleThread Farms, California (USA); Blue Hill, New York (USA); The Lost Kitchen, Maine (USA), Raymonds, Newfoundland (Canada); Sushi Saito, Tokyo (Japan); Helga's Folly (Sri Lanka); Gustu (Bolivia).


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