Thứ sáu, 20/05/2016 14:31

The Golden Spoon Contest was founded in 2013 by Mr Minh Ngoc Ly who always kept the Vietnam people and the country in his mind as he founded Minh Long I. He is the General Director and his son, Mr Sang Huy Ly, the Deputy Director of the company.

The program was designed to be a professional and serious culinary program, right from the beginning, carrying as it does, the highest value of prize money ever given in the history of Vietnamese cuisine. It also carries the greatest prestige, meaning that all chefs and restaurants covet the award. The size of the Prize money is simple evidence of the quality of the cuisine brand.

The Golden Spoon Contest is sponsored and organized by Minh Long I Company in coordination with the center of business study and assistant (BSA). The contest organization has gained an excellent reputation: this is a quality contest that is held in high regard throughout the country.

The Golden Spoon is an on-going journey, improved over time; expectation has grown in all of the chefs, diners, restaurants and hotels involved in the competition. The winning team will certainly be honored to win the Chef Cup!

A program called the “Home-taste festival” has been organized since the second year of the Golden Spoon Contest. It addresses the dream of building a Map of Vietnam cuisine, exploring Vietnam traditional cuisine treasures and also being a background for a professional and academic cuisine, raising it to the same level as other top international cuisines. The program is organized in association with the official contest of professional chefs, bringing huge excitement and creating a resource for professional experts, in addition to inspiring the status and development of Vietnamese culinary heritage within Vietnamese families.

The Vietnamese culinary heritage is preserved and created by professional chefs and is brought to the Golden Spoon to be recorded and preserved for posterity in the book "The Golden Spoons & Vietnam Culinary Essence" which is published alongside the program. The Golden Spoon is attempting to build bridges for culinary exchanges, not only in the domestic market but also at an international level. It contributes in lifting Vietnamese cuisine-tourism to becoming an important economic sector, and also as improves physical health.